10 Ways to Empower Women and Girls

There was a time in history when women couldn’t have an education and practice their rights to vote. Today, we have reached a new level of awareness about feminism. People are talking about women’s rights and well-being.

However, there is still a long way to go. We still hear stories of abuse, depression, and gender inequality. The journey is still not yet over until life is better for the girls of future generations.

So here, we have listed down 10 concrete and simple ways of how you can contribute to change and empower women.

  1. Learn to say “no”

Women are conditioned to say “yes” and be accommodating to everything. From socializing to work, saying “yes” feels so much easier. Studies show that our brains withdraw when faced with the word “no.” Because of this practice of being accommodating, women often forget their boundaries and their well-being. Teaching women and girls how to say “no” is one of the strongest forms of women empowerment.

  1. Let her express herself

When you see a woman taking a stand, being vulnerable, and being courageous, let her. Let her be herself. There’s nothing more empowering than being able to express yourself without limitations and judgment. Allow them to be empowered women by owning their truth and sharing a piece of herself and story to the world.

  1. Offer emotional support

You probably know a lot of empowered women—those who appear strong and thriving in their personal and professional life. It comes with a burden to be strong. It comes with a risk of repression and shame for being vulnerable. Underneath the surface, they might be struggling with something. Gift these empowered women your emotional support. Check how they’re doing, even with something as  simple as “How are you?”

  1. Learn to practice solitude

Women are expected to be hospitable and prioritize other’s needs. At times, women tend to forget about caring for themselves. Learning to practice solitude is one way to empower women. It is a reminder that you can think about yourself, set your boundaries, and have the time and space to reinvigorate your mind and body.

  1. Invest in women’s business

Women empowerment is not just about giving women a form of power. It is a form of support; one way of expressing is patronizing businesses that are owned and run by women. Study shows that the business world is still male-dominated, with male entrepreneurs who are thriving and earning twice more compared to their female counterparts. So show your support to women-run businesses to balance the equation!

  1. Give and encourage compliments

Giving compliments is a simple way to practice women empowerment. But compliment women more than just the way they look, beyond physical appearances. If you want to empower women and compliment them, brighten her day by telling how brilliant, kind, and empowering she is.

  1. Say you’re a feminist

Saying you’re a feminist can be an uncomfortable thing to do. Don’t hesitate to say it. Encourage women and men to be feminists, too. But don’t stop there. Talk about gender issues and live a life dedicated to women empowerment—even with simple ways that you can do in your daily life.

  1. Empower marginalized women

If you are one of those empowered women with a life of privilege, share a part of that by empowering women who are marginalized and oppressed. Think of women from the remote parts of the world, girls who can’t eat or study, and women living their lives with challenges and fear. Think of a way to stop the oppression and make them part of the circle of empowered women, even if means educating othes.

  1. Practice gratitude

Learn how to thank the women in your life. Telling them how important they are and expressing your gratitude can be your way of showing your support of women empowerment. We often forget that we are surrounded by women that love and care for us. Reciprocate it by simply saying thank you.

  1. Mentor girls

Educating girls is important to establish a society that is for women empowerment. Teaching them a life of values will be the foundation for a better future. It will create a ripple of change to help more women feel empowered and safe.