5 Brands That Are All About Women Empowerment

Fashion and feminism are always associated with each other. Look into history; you will see how empowered women expressed their individuality and voiced out their power with fashion. Back in the 1920s, flappers expressed women empowerment with the bob cut hairstyles and loose straight dresses, veering away from the restriction of corsets. Fast forward to 2014, Chanel used women empowerment to make a fashion statement, holding a feminist fashion rally with protest messages that encouraged women empowerment.

Fashion can be your way to feel secure and empowered as a woman. From the way you dress or to what brands you support, fashion can be your medium of expression. Now as the world becomes more aware of feminism, entrepreneurs and feminists create brands to be their advocacy platforms, helping marginalized women communities, resulting in a growth of empowered women.

Here, we have rounded up five brands that are all about women empowerment and why you should support them.                                                                                                

  1. Cambio & Co.

With a mission to change how fashion business is done, Cambio & Co. exhibits a variety of brands that are contemporary, artisan, and consciously made. Founded by a Filipina, it showcases handcrafted products designed by Filipino artisans.

Cambio & Co. empowers women by connecting Filipinas in diaspora and making local brands accessible to the global market. It is a brand that is passionate about building a community of conscious buyers and sharing the Filipina story.

  1. Beulah London

Natasha and Lavinia are the women behind Beulah London. It supports projects that help victims of trafficking and prevents women exploitation. They create a sustainable livelihood for these women to turn them into women who are empowered after experiencing unfortunate circumstances of abuse.

  1. Ciela Handmade

Ciela Handmade is an ethical brand that does cultural collaborations to empower indigenous artisans in the vulnerable communities of Latin America. They do fashion with compassion by creating a livelihood for women of these communities. With a desire to turn them into empowered women, Ciela Handmade works directly with female artisans who express their cultural artistry through their products.

  1. My Sister

Created by “badass feminists who are tired of exploitation,” My Sister’s mission is to support sex trafficked victims. A female-fashion brand, My Sister backs up care programs and provides opportunities for these survivors to be empowered women and live beyond their traumas. With every purchase of their items such as the empowering statement shirt, a portion of the proceeds goes to these care programs.

  1. Kayako Watch 

Founded by Filipino expats who believe in the power and importance of empowering women, Kayako Watch is more than just an accessory brand. Its brand name is based on a Filipino phrase that translates to“I can do it.” It is a brand with a mission to remind Filipina women in diaspora that their hurdles and sacrifices make them empowered women. The founder of Kayoko Watch wants women to look at their watches, embrace their own time and journey, and feel empowered.

Designed with precision and a mission of women empowerment, Kayako Watch is all about reminding women that their sacrificed time is what makes them women with power, strength, and integrity.