5 Questions to Help You Find & Use Your Voice

5 Questions to Help You Find & Use Your Voice

Over recent years, people started to use their voices to speak up more and more. People are using their voice to call out the injustices, to stand up for their needs and others, and to build communities.

Using your voice is more than just a political agenda. More than anything, it should come to a place of love—a love for community and your values. Finding your voice is tapping your inner power to be empowered and to empower. Defining it and using it is a form of women empowerment.

If there’s a time to be an empowered woman, to speak up, and empower others, now is the time.

But, how do you do it? Here, we discuss a few practices on how to hone your empowered voice.

  1. What do I value?

The first thing you need to do is reflect on your values. Ask yourself: what do I value? These are things that are important to you. It might be political or not. It can simply be about kindness. Search within yourself; you will realize there’s a place within you that’s full of compassion and curiosity. It might start from the question of “why is women empowerment important?”

Keep asking yourself. That’s how you start to mold that unique voice.

  1. What gives me hope?

Hope is a powerful thing. It’s where women empowerment and other social fights stemmed from. To have hope is a reason to be alive, to fight, and to stand up. Even how unbearable situations can be, as long as you hold on to hope, as a specific vision, everything seems worth it.

To find your voice, reflect on a vision that powers your hope. It might be seeing gender equality, seeing a girl achieve her big dreams, or simply feeling safe as a woman.

  1. If you have all the time and money in the world, what would I do?

There are things we can achieve if we have the right resources. Imagine and reflect on that: you have all you need to do something important for you and your philosophy. What it will be? What would you do? What changes will you do to make things better for you and others?

Thinking this way will help you identify how you can use your voice and uplift everyone. Even if you don’t have all the resources, it empowers you to believe in yourself and empower others.

  1. What inspired me to use my voice and why?

Have you ever encountered inspiring and empowered women that you want to be them? Or any people who used their voice to make a change.

There are so many of them who come before us all. They built the progress that we are experiencing now. They used their voices to educate others and hold the unjust system accountable in their own ways.

Find these people who inspire you and reflect on their values—what they fought for and how did they change your perspective.

  1. What change do I want to see?

The most important question you can ask yourself to let that voice bloom: what change do I want to see? Even if it's a small change you want for yourself to experience, it’s a starting point. Envision that and let that be your source of hope and empowerment. Let it be your power to use your voice.