5 Ways to Stay Empowered During a Crisis

During this coronavirus crisis, you probably don’t feel like your normal self—driven, motivated, ecstatic, and empowered. And it’s perfectly okay.

COVID-19 has changed how the world goes—and our lives too. Everyone is feeling the same thing. Because of the sudden turn of events with the continuous death rates and numbers of businesses closing down, everything is not how it used to be. The coronavirus has not only affected the collective life of people but also our way of thinking. Because of all that’s happening, it’s hard to feel and stay empowered, and probably practice women empowerment.

So here, we give you some simple ways to feel empowered and to remind you that women empowerment starts within you.

  1. No mud, no lotus

Remind yourself of your past obstacles—all the hardships and tough times that made you the woman that you are.  This coronavirus crisis might bring new ones—anxiety, self-doubt, and frustrations. But if you respond gracefully to it, it will bring forth a new transformation. Just like a lotus that blooms from the muddiest ponds.

No matter how many changes COVID-19 has brought into your life, remember you can grow from it. And you will go out of this situation—better and stronger. Like all empowered women out there.

  1. Boost your passion

The whole world is in quarantine. Because we are all working to flatten the curve, suddenly we have all the time in our hands. Use this time to reconnect with yourself, your passion, and own definition of women empowerment. It might not be easy at first, given the overwhelming feelings brought by the crisis, but the desire to do it is a good first step. From there, you will move forward.

  1. Help those need it

Women empowerment is grounded in the ideology of empowering fellow women, helping and giving marginalized women more resources to turn them into empowered women. And to stay and feel empowered, you must practice this basic principle of women empowerment: help others.

There are people out there without the same privilege as you—people who are starving, without homes to stay, without work-from-home opportunities, and who are risking their lives to keep the community safe and fighting on the frontlines. Use this opportunity to be one of those empowered women ready to help those who need it in your own way from the safety of your home.

  1. Build your physical stamina

Another way to practice women empowerment at your home and to love yourself is by working out. Exercising is the ultimate form of self-love. With the free time brought by the coronavirus quarantine, occupy your free time with wellness exercises and feel the satisfaction of the empowered women who are physically strong and capable. Be like the empowered women who are oozing with self-love, ready to give more.

  1. Be honest to yourself

As simple as it is, be honest to yourself. Women empowerment first starts with acknowledging what is not right, accepting it, and doing something about it. So start by from there. Let yourself feel, not matter how bad the emotions are. It’s acceptable to feel mixed emotions. COVID-19 is a pandemic and it’s okay to feel devastated about it. Let your own women empowerment start from within to be stable, capable, and one with the empowered women during this crisis.