Are You Happy?

The most challenging question you can ask yourself is: are you happy?

Have you asked yourself this question recently? What’s your answer? For a moment, pause and contemplate on this.

Some of us might struggle to answer this. The world is changing in a way we never expected, with the global pandemic, social and political issues, and of course, our personal struggles. Every day, we face triggers that will shift our emotional disposition, from work, relationships, to finance. There will always be triggers around that will challenge our happiness. And sometimes, we’ll just find ourselves, saying: how to be happy.

How to feel satisfied? How to be happy by yourself? These questions are always part of those emotional triggers.

Yes, happiness is relative. It's a concept we all struggle to comprehend. But there are ways how to be truly happy. And here, we want you to find those answers.

  1. Let it be and let go of your negative thoughts.

We all tend to be controlled by our negative thoughts. It’s normal, and it’s okay. But instead of trying to stop them, embrace and tend to it. By doing this, you’re not giving up your control and power. And remember, it will pass.

  1. Move and release your endorphins

It’s no secret that exercise helps uplift our moods. Studies show that exercise can even help alleviate depression and anxiety. When you exercise, your heart rate increases, and it produces more oxygen to your brain, giving an overall positivity.

  1. Find your happy place

Your environment affects your overall happiness. To be specific, where you are in the world defines your well-being. To pave your own personal road to happiness, you need to find your happy place, a place that provides you job security, social support, access to better health, and better community.

  1. Surround yourself with happy people

Happiness is linked with other’s happiness.  When you’re people that radiate contagious good energy, you can feel at ease and happy. According to this Yale research, people who are surrounded by happy people are more likely to become satisfied and increase their chance of happiness by 9 percent.

  1. Learn how to be alone

To be happy, you need to fall in love with solitude. It’s a healthy practice that cultivates self-love, knowing that by simply being on your own, you can be satisfied and content.

  1. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

You spend most of your time in your bedroom. So make it your high priority, a living and healthy space for you. Turn it into space where you’ll instantly find comfort and peace.

  1. Be generous

Remember the last time you extended generosity to someone? You felt happy. Practicing generosity makes people happier. Studies have found that generous people are happier than those who made selfish decisions because being helpful and kind triggers happiness in our brains.