Filipino Christmas Songs to Add to Your Christmas Playlist

For Filipinos, Christmas and the holidays are not just a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is also a time when we enjoy good food and drinks, music, and merrymaking. In fact, it’s an occasion when all Filipinos gather together to celebrate as one family! So it’s really no surprise that Filipinos love Christmas.

There are so many Filipino Christmas songs, yet there will always be the songs that were part of our childhoods and have earned the title of classics. Ask any adult and they’ll tell you that they remember singing these when they were kids!

Here are some timeless Filipino Christmas songs that we love. Don’t forget to add them to your holiday playlist!


Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts is the Philippines’ most beloved Christmas song. It describes how Filipinos gather together to honor the birth of Christ by doing good things towards those they care about, such as loved ones and friends.


Kumukutikutitap is a song that speaks of the joy and gratitude Filipinos feel during the Christmas season. It is a fast-beat, joyful song that also tells of gifts and ribbons that not only sparkle but also give joy to those who see them.


ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID "Star ng Pasko" is a song of light and hope during the holiday season. It bears to the people the message of love and forgiveness over personal differences, uniting them as one through song.


In the Philippines, Christmas is never complete without the song Himig ng Pasko. While the Philippines does not have the typical winter that most non-tropical countries experience, many Filipinos experience the darkness of the winter months during Simbang Gabi. Though dark and oftentimes gloomy in the early December mornings, this Chrismas tune is sure to bring color to the people!


Sana Ngayong Pasko is a melodrama and a phenomenal hit of Ariel Rivera. The song is about longing for someone you love, who is far from you but still in your heart. It is a song that evokes the strength of true love and longing. Romantic partners and long-distance lovers can relate to this one!