Hidilyn Diaz: Bringing Home the Gold

Hidilyn Díaz has grown accustomed to carrying the heavy weight of expectations of a nation. Over the past eight years, she has not only become accustomed to it but thrived on it, with her success in nearly every international competition as proof. She has successfully won gold after years of hard work. Hidilyn Diaz was able to bring home the gold in the male-dominated industry of weightlifting. Aside from being a weightlifter, Hidilyn was also a member of the Philippine Air Force.

In these hard times, her success has uplifted the spirits of the people. She is an inspiration to Filipinos, especially women, whom Hidilyns hopes to affect the most. Here are some lessons on Hidilyn’s Olympic experience.

At the age of 17, Hidilyn entered her first Olympics match. She had a goal in mind — the goal to bring home the gold for the Philippines. Hidilyn was so focused on her preparation and she didn't allow any issues to get in the way. When we are focused, we will do anything and everything to achieve our goals. From there, we can have a better idea of how bright our future may be.

Years of intense preparation guided her to two Olympic gold medals. In fact, while she was just starting, she dropped a barbell while preparing for a local weightlifting tournament. Hard work pays off. The effort we put into ourselves, our professions, and our family and friends is not always acknowledged. We invest a lot of effort into the things we need and care about, but it feels like we didn't do enough when we don't see fast results. Everyone has experienced this when it comes to something they've worked really hard on. Keep in mind that the results will come around when it is due.

“There is no quick way to success. Hard work and determination are important. Remember to surround yourself with people who will help you fulfil your dreams.” - Hidilyn Diaz

Hidilyn Diaz was once on the wildcard in the 2008 summer Olympics. Did she lose hope? No. After meeting the best of the best athletes worldwide, she promised herself that she will be one of them. In the London Summer Olympics in 2012, she earned a spot, yet failed to bring home the medal. Did she give up? No. Dream big, win big.. Hidilyn taught us to just be patient and that rushing and forcing things into your own hands can often ruin the amazing surprise that the world has in store for you.

Hidilyn's victory is inspirational, and every one of us should be encouraged to follow in her footsteps. It is true that there is no other way to achieve your goals except through hard work and a positive mindset. Many people may be able to relate to her experience, which may inspire us to set higher goals for ourselves and work harder to achieve them. It’s not an instant victory, but it is a journey that begins small and ends with the strongest.