How to Cope with Covid-19

Empowered women, men, children, and elderly are all affected by this crisis. If there is one thing we’ve learned about diseases, especially COVID-19, it does not respect anyone. Healthy or immunocompromised, rich or poor, young or old, anyone can be affected. And above all, it’s changing our way of life and our realities. Suddenly, we are thrust into a different kind of normal, being isolated and quarantined in our homes, worried about our safety or others, and our future. And all of that can be too overwhelming and scary. Now, we are not only dealing with the virus and our physical health but our mental health, too.

Here, we want to remind you of one of the essences of women empowerment: it starts with you. Take care of yourself and start the healing within you. To cope with the emotional tension that coronavirus has brought into this world, we give you some tips on how to practice women empowerment and self-love in this crisis:

  1.       Break the worry spiral

Remind yourself it’s okay to be overwhelmed. What you are currently feeling is okay. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel unmotivated. It’s okay to be worried.

Everyone, across the globe, is feeling the same thing on some level. Break the worry spiral by reminding yourself that what you are feeling is natural. Then, remember how all things are temporary and this too shall pass.

Before all of this, you were one of the empowered women whose voices were for women empowerment. Remind yourself of what you’re capable of, even in such a global crisis.

  1.       Try meditation

One way to bring about calmness in a storm of overwhelming feelings is through meditation. Practicing mindfulness meditation can actually change how our brains work, decreasing our anxiety and increasing our positivity. In this time, think of it as your way of practicing women empowerment, empowering your mind to cope and feel better.

  1.       Move more

Exercising will help to boost your endorphins, the happy hormone. It will help to divert your mind from feeling overwhelmed while in quarantine to feel a sense of normalcy.

Many empowered women use this self-love practice to feel less active. It’s a form of women empowerment and self-love that you can give to yourself now with all the free time being at home.

  1.       Social media distancing

As much as you can, do social media distancing. Social media is a pool of emotional triggers, from depressing news about the coronavirus to people’s frustrations and anger.

Be one of those responsible empowered women and make sure you’re only sharing content that is reliable. And above all, things that can bring light to others. Use social media to practice women empowerment by being responsible and cautious.

  1.       Find a new hobby

Women empowerment is about feeling empowered and doing something to make others feel the same. And it’s understandable to feel the opposite during this coronavirus crisis. One way of turning the wheel is through being busy. So, use all the time that you have right now to find a new hobby. Look into what other empowered women are doing and find inspiration from them.