How to Empower Others While on Lockdown

It’s a surreal time for everyone globally and even more so if you personally know people who are affected by it. Some countries are in complete lockdown with their government imposing policies to contain the virus and keep the public safe. Most of us are at home, quarantined and probably feeling useless and confused with so much free time in our hands. During this outbreak crisis, it’s hard to feel empowered and empower others. It’s hard to practice our own definition of women empowerment when we are not emotionally and mentally ready for a lockdown in a crisis.

In light of recent events, we are reminding you of how important it is to help each other through this difficult time. We have different burdens to carry, but we can still do something to remind each other of how strong and brave we all are.

  1.       Share good news about the crisis

It might not sound like a lot but it’s helpful. Right now, social media is full of news about the crisis. It’s easy for people to focus on the bad things. But there are updates such as the search for a vaccine, people helping one another, and other acts of kindness all around the world that restores hope and faith in humanity. By doing these, you are empowering others and making them feel better. You’re practicing the spirit of women empowerment and what empowered women do—spreading goodness and light.

  1.       Donate to organizations

Even from your home, you can still be a strength for someone and practice the essence of women empowerment and that is by donating to good causes. You may be in quarantine, but by reaching out, you’re supporting people who are fighting on the frontlines. You are with the empowered women who are taking care of the sick, finding solutions for economic problems, and employees doing their job for everyone to keep their lives. A great example of this is donating to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund or other organizations that you think might help your community. 

  1.       Support your local women-owned businesses

Businesses are failing and struggling right now. And it will affect the global economy. Live with women empowerment and start by supporting women-owned businesses in your community, from the local stores where you can buy your groceries to your favorite online shops. These small businesses will suffer first from this crisis. Give these empowered women who own business to continue their work, even by leaving positive feedback online.

  1.       Generously tip

Empowered women will always be ready to be a source of compassion and blessing to others. Even if we are in a quarantine period, you can still be this woman. When dealing with your deliveries, extend a helping hand and generously tip them. They are risking their health to be out there so they work and bring food to your home. It’s the least you can do for our frontliners.

  1.       Be there for support

Women empowerment doesn’t have to be grand. Simply being there to empower women you know who are experiencing anxiety and stress right now can be an act of women empowerment. You are empowering them by being a friend who is willing to listen and support them.