How to Empower Women at Home

If there’s anything that every crisis has taught the world, it is that we can make it through together.

Let’s not let this coronavirus crisis stop our pursuit for women empowerment and create more empowered women. Even at home, being quarantined, we can still perpetuate it and still grow it—even stronger.

Women empowerment is not a trending topic that needs the spotlight, or an issue that has an end. It’s a continuous process, with or without a crisis at hand. From the safety of our homes, let’s continue to give women empowerment the strength it needs during this difficult time and let’s support empowered women on the frontlines who are working to end this pandemic.

Start women empowerment within yourself

Empowered women always start within themselves. They help themselves first to feel empowered and fuel their capacity to be a source of kindness and empathy for others. So start with yourself. From the safety and comfort of your home, you can start your own women empowerment movement. Make sure you are feeling okay and healthy during this quarantine period. Empower yourself and feel more empowered by using your power to empower others.

Be part of the dialogue about women empowerment

The dialogue on women empowerment shouldn’t stop. If there’s a time to acknowledge empowered women, this is the time. There are women out there who are making a difference to contain and stop this virus from spreading and killing more people. By just talking about these women and acknowledging their contribution, you are empowering them. You are also inspiring other women to be part of the dialogue, which in the end, creates a pool of empowered women. So be a part of group chats or social media communities that talk about this and spread more awareness about empowered women fighting against this pandemic.

Buy and support from your favorite women-owned business

Women-owned businesses or brands that promote women empowerment are usually about advocacy—may it be about feminism, ethical business practice, or environmentally conscious.

By supporting them, you are empowering women behind these brands and women they empower with it. They need you to give their business a stable future after this crisis.

From the comforts of your home, express your gratitude to them and leave good feedback if you have used their service or products. Recommend them to peers. Engage in their social media content. And when this crisis is over, go back to their stores and be a loyal consumer. 

Look for women-operated COVID-19 response organizations

To practice women empowerment and be of help during this crisis, look for organizations that are operated by women or focused on female frontliners who are keeping our communities safe. There are also small groups of people who are organizing funds to help marginalized women who are more greatly affected by the current change—without homes to stay, without jobs to do, without food to eat. From your home, work with them and spread the word. Additionally, by donating to them, you are also empowering them and the women they help.