How to Fulfil Your New Year’s Goals and Resolutions

With the new year upon us, it’s time to plan for the future. Whether you’re looking to make a major career change, embarking on a health and wellness journey, or just figuring out ways to be more productive, it’s important to list actionable steps that will help you fulfil your goals.

Be specific about what you want

Set yourself up for success this year by setting measurable goals that are specific and achievable. Think about what you want to achieve over the 365 days and break down each goal into smaller steps — each step should be something that can be completed within a week or two.

Make them actionable

Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable. You don’t want them to be so lofty that they seem unattainable or unrealistic. Instead, aim for goals that are challenging but realistic so you can succeed in accomplishing them without feeling discouraged or disappointed when they don’t work out as planned (which is bound to happen sometimes!).

But what makes a good resolution? A resolution can be anything from getting up earlier every day to working out more often. It doesn’t have to be drastic. It just needs to be something that helps you get closer to where you want to be. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape by March 2023, then one of your resolutions could be joining a gym or taking yoga classes every week.

It's easy to get distracted by the day-to-day demands of life, but it's important to remember what you're working toward!

Write down your goals

The point is that if there are things that would make your life better or more fulfilling, write them down and hold yourself accountable for reaching those goals! It may be helpful to write down your goals so they become concrete in your mind (and on paper), which will help motivate you when times get tough.

We're excited about what the future holds for Filipinos like us — and we hope this year is filled with all the empowerment and positivity you deserve! Let's get those goals in!