How to Turn Your Workplace an Incubator for Women Empowerment

It took centuries for society to welcome women to the working world. Since then, it has not been easy being a woman in a workplace.

A workplace is seen as a public sphere that belongs to men; home is where a woman should be. This is the norm that still lingers in our society. No matter how much we try to debunk it, with empowered women in important, high positions, it still echoes in the working world—gender pay gap, harassment, discrimination, and work-life imbalance among others.

Most office cultures are hostile to the idea of women empowerment. But studies prove how the success of women in a workplace contributes to a company’s success. To access that success, we should encourage women empowerment and let them be empowered women thriving in their workplace.

Here are some efforts you should consider to turn your workplace an incubator for women empowerment:

  1.   Create a flexible culture

A company’s lack of flexibility impacts women the hardest. It affects their work and productivity overall. Creating a flexible culture doesn’t only encourage women empowerment, but also solves second-generation gender bias. A flexible office set-up allows women to take care of their families, manage their lives, and do their jobs with ease.   

  1.   Actively hire and promote women

There are cases of discriminatory hirings, preferring men over women to get and do the job. Even when a woman is the most qualified person for the job, oftentimes she still will not get the position. Women are improperly represented in companies, with fewer women being hired and promoted. By actively hiring and promoting women, you’re creating empowered women and normalizing women's presence in the workplace.

  1.   Provide development opportunities for women

As unfortunate it sounds, women still  find it hard to find jobs simply because of being a woman. Hence, women resolve to having shallower resumes and less opportunities to build better networks. From mentoring programs to leadership seminars and educational opportunities, providing these create more experiences for them. It’s not only beneficial for women. Even the United Nations claims that women empowerment boosts economic productivity and increases diversification

  1.   Improve your company’s policies on discrimination and harassment  

As a company, one of the most important things you can do to empower women is to eradicate the threat of harassment and discrimination. In some industries, cases of sexual harassment are well documented. It creates a demoralizing environment for your company. Having a solid company policy against harassment encourages women to feel safe and gives them the avenue to be empowered women in doing their jobs without worries and fears.

  1.   Promote equal pay

One of the biggest things that hinders women empowerment is the gender pay gap, an existing issue across all industries. Statistics show that women earn 76 cents on the dollar compared to men. By promoting equality in your company, you are not only creating empowered women but also cultivating a company that is based on fairness. You’re creating an environment that eradicates dichotomy.