How You Can Get Involved this International Women's Day

For centuries, women have been fighting for their rights. However, we are still far from closing the gender gap and inequality. It will not be solved in a day, but one action can change everything.

On March 8, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day. As a woman, it’s a day to celebrate women empowerment. It’s also a day of speaking out about issues that women face every day. Take this opportunity to get involved. Grand or not, be proud and take a stand on this day.

  1.   Join the march

Women around the world are organizing events to celebrate International Women’s Day. Join and march for your own women empowerment cause. Speak out for both empowered women and those who are marginalized. Or better yet, get in touch with your local organizers and get involved in any way that you can.

  1.   Use #EachforEqual

This year’s theme is #EachforEqual. It’s about encouraging all generations and genders to take steps and do their part for equality. If you can’t be on the streets, make your online pledge with #EachforEqual and talk about different issues that hinder women empowerment. 

  1.   Support your women-owned local businesses that are socially conscious

Show your appreciation for women for their contributions to the economy and the community. It’s a simple way to celebrate and perpetuate women empowerment. By supporting these empowered women and their businesses, you’re expanding their positive impacts on the world.

  1.   Promote women empowerment in the workplace

Encourage your company and workmates to celebrate International Women’s Day. This will create awareness and discussion on the discrimination that women face in the workplace. You can celebrate it by screening a film on women’s issues, holding a seminar lead by a woman, or profile empowered women of your company. Pitch the idea; this may lead to better company policies with zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination.

  1.   Make a donation to charities that support women

There are a lot of women who suffer from different issues of inequality, especially girls who don’t have access to education. Quietly and humbly celebrate International Women’s Day by financially supporting a cause that helps girls to have better access to education and have better lives that will help them become empowered women.

  1.   Volunteer and speak your own cause

What better way to spark change than starting with yourself? Donate your time and volunteer. Find a cause that personally speaks to you as a woman. It’s a good way to be part of the community and experience the issues that hinder women empowerment. By doing this, you’re empowering other women and creating more possibilities for the growth and rise of empowered women.

  1.   Read a feminist book

If you don’t have the time to join a march, financially support a cause, or physically celebrate International Women’s Day, grab a book about feminism. Celebrating it doesn’t have to be political or grand. You can simply read a feminist book or a book written by empowered women talking about women empowerment issues. By doing this, you’re educating and involving yourself which you can apply to your own life and educate others.