It’s Okay to Celebrate Christmas Alone

Christmas is one of the most memorable events of the year. The season when people attend parties, start to decorate their Christmas trees, light up their Christmas lights, listen to Mariah Carey and Josi Mari Chan, and binge-watch their favorite holiday movies with their family. It is the season of love and giving.

Due to the current situation, it is possible that you’ll be flying solo this Christmas season. Celebrating Christmas alone is not a bad thing. We have this cliche saying, "Alone but not lonely". Christmas can still be merry even when you’re celebrating it alone.

Whether by choice or circumstances, celebrating Christmas alone is NORMAL. Many of us, especially OFWs, celebrate Christmas without family and friends due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions. Physically, you're not with your family, but remember that you are not alone.

Here are some ideas on celebrating and being merry this Christmas solo:


Decorating your home can remind you of the comforting memories of happier times with your loved ones. Decorating for the holidays brings out the child in all of us, encouraging pleasant emotions. You can choose what Christmas decorations you wish, whether it is a traditional theme or modern style. You can browse on Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration.


Preparing comfort foods will help to remember the taste of happiness with your family and loved ones. A little something special might be very encouraging while celebrating solo. You can order or make your favorite spaghetti and pizza, for example. You can also bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies!


Buy yourself a gift, because why not? The one who deserves everything is YOU. Wrap it and add a sweet letter for yourself. We highly suggest that you open your gift on Christmas day. Here are some Christmas gift ideas you might want to consider.


Staying at home while doing nothing may be just as satisfying and rewarding as having a packed day. Why not spend and celebrate Christmas in your pajamas while laying in your bed? Make it a day for self-care and relaxation!

As the Christmas season gets closer, it's easy to become carried away with all the things you should do or your routine for the holiday season. Don’t overthink it— you’re already working hard and doing well. You may be celebrating Christmas alone this year, but remember that you still have the power to choose what you want and how you will celebrate the holidays. Above everything, be gentle, especially with yourself.