Tatak Indio: Clarissa Calingsan and Her Secrets to Success

One of the owners of Kayako describes Clarissa Calingsan as a superwoman. She is a multi-hyphenated woman: an entrepreneur, a civil engineer, a mother, a marathon athlete, and a life coach. She has it all. With admiration, you can describe her as a woman you want to be—empowered, fulfilled, and optimistic.

But how did she become the woman she is now? She said, “I am being operated by my wisdom and faith.”

Like most of us, Coach Clarissa started somewhere before she attained this state of self-awareness. As a child, she wanted to be a civil engineer, thinking it’s the only way to have a quality life of her own and her family. But life has a plan for her more than being a civil engineer. She becomes Coach Clarissa, a woman of wisdom, who transforms other people’s lives:

“Being a civil engineer that’s what I choose to be. But me as a life coach, as a life transformation success coach, that’s how God chose me to be.”

Her Secrets to Success 

So what’s the secret to success? “Obedience,” she said.

For Coach Clarissa, it’s the commitment to be obedient to your faith and to the person you want to be. Even how life turns into chaos, as long as you are obedient to your faith and goals, you can turn any adversity into opportunities.

And that’s how she views the current change in our lives—the pandemic.

She said, “It’s just it. The schedule of life is just it. Change is part of it.” She gave an actionable formula to stay positive in life, especially this strange time: First, recognize the change and be aware of it. Know that what you feel is valid. Second, decide to turn it into an opportunity. If things lead to a bad choice, Coach Clarissa reminds us that mistakes can be turned into inspirations:

“Whether you fail or make a mistake, it’s an achievement. And that [is something] you should be proud of.”

Her second secret to success is to make time.

If you ask her how she manages everything, she said, “Simple as make time. It’s an action. When you make time, there’s a plan.” It sounds easy to say, but there’s wisdom on it. Every minute, we face a choice: to either make time or not. And the choices we decide to make time define the life we have and will have.

And when she was asked how to stay empowered, she gave the Four Coach Clarissa Principles:

  • Have fun. Whatever you do, intend to have fun. Change your mindset and think of the task, not as a burden, but the fun you need to do.
  • Do your best. Always give yourself on everything, because it gives inner satisfaction that will lead to all good things.
  • Be grateful. How you think affects your well-being. And being grateful creates a space in your find to feel positive, even amidst troubles. There’s always something to be grateful about—being alive and breathing.  
  • Stay in faith. Holding on to faith means believing that everything will be okay. As Coach Clarissa simplified it, “If you have faith, you are stronger than any adversity in the world. And you will not worry.”

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