Tatak Indio: Danabelle Gutierrez on Reclaiming Power

Tatak Indio: Danabelle Gutierrez on Reclaiming Power

Danabelle Gutierrez is a multi-awarded writer, actress, and photographer. She was awarded as Film Ambassador by the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and also as the as Best Writer at Rooftop Rhythms in Abu Dhabi. She is also one of the co-founders of DXB Speak Easy. Other than that, she has two books under her name: I Long To Be The River and & Until The Dreams Come. Now, she’s currently working on her third book, Tears Across the Earth, which answers and deconstructs the meaning of home.

Who is a modern Filipina?

With recognitions attached to her name, no one will think of how she felt powerless and defeated. When she speaks, bliss and wisdom naturally flow out of her. An energy that’s contagious and inspiring. But Danabelle Guitierrez acknowledges the feeling of confusion and nothingness made her the modern and empowered woman that she is now. She said, “I am who I am now because I’ve been there. I’ve been in a place where I felt powerless…”

She didn’t traditionally go to a university, because of her financial situation before. And like most of us, she had her moments of defeat, yet she conquered everything and transformed it into something beautiful and inspirational, like her words and wit. That’s why she defines a modern Filipina as someone who believes in the power of curiosity, someone who is willing to learn and be more. She believes a modern Filipina is keen to educate herself, traditionally or not, and to be aware of the history and the world now.

A power that no one can take away

Women empowerment is a broad concept. One might have a different definition from another. But Danabelle has an interesting definition. She sees women empowerment as an untapped power within you. For her, it’s a force that, once recognized, can make you limitless:

“It’s realizing how much power you had and how much of it you have given away. Once you realized that, you stopped giving it away, or you realize even if you do, you will never run out. You will always be powerful. You will be always going to be strong. You are yourself and that’s yours.”

And to achieve this place of empowerment, she encourages everyone to start with themselves, pour love into yourself, and embrace every part of it. From there, love and empowerment will flow. You will be able to inspire and give to others. You will be able to help someone grow. And you will find bliss and satisfaction from it.

“Start to yourself. Love yourself. And it flows.”

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