Tatak Indio: Laarni Ballucanag on Her Humble Beginnings

At a very young age, Laarni already knew how to earn money to buy what she needed in school. She worked to wash the clothes. During summer breaks, she worked at a sari-sari store and factory. From a janitress to now a luxury items collector, Laarni proves that she can do more, and she can achieve more.

“Whatever your struggle is, just face it and learn from it. It will mold you into something that you will become smarter, stronger, and wiser.” - Laarni Ballucanag


Laarni is a BS Accountancy graduate. She took the board exam but, unfortunately, did not pass. That was one of the reasons why she sought a way out. Laarni worked in Taiwan only hoping to land a high-paying job. She believed that going abroad will help her to have a better life. Her frustrations turned into strength. “There must be a reason bakit ako nag fail, and papatunayan ko sa kanila na kaya ko.”


With her bag collection, a lot of people think that Laarni achieved it instantly. Little did they know that she experienced a lot of challenges before getting to this point of her life. Nevertheless, career-wise, even at our lowest points in life, she said that we shouldn't give up. Behind her luxury collection is a story of patience, determination, and hard work.

Laarni’s greatest motivation is her children. As she said, “Ayokong maranasan nila yung mga naranasan nila noong bata pa ako”. Aside from being a mom who loves her children unconditionally, she also wants to be a good provider for them. For Laarni, she stays motivated to step up her personal growth.

“Don't be afraid to ask.”

Laarni isn't afraid to ask for help when work gets overwhelming or out of her control. She added, “If you don't ask questions, you're not going to find out what the answer is”. With her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and grow, she was promoted.

With all her successes, Laarni continues to evolve and be more mature and stronger. Indeed, a spartan woman ready for the battles in life. A risk-taker who is fully equipped to take down all the challenges.

“Dress for success, never stop learning, empower yourself so you can also empower others.”