Tatak Indio: Tom Alvarado and the Meaning of Art

Tom Alvarado is best known as the Singing Painter and as one of the most influential Filipino artists in the Gulf. He was also nominated for the Presidential Pamana ng Lahi award in 2018. And with other global awards under his name, Tom Alvarado has gained recognition not only among Filipinos but also among a global audience who adores and believes in his patriotic art. 

He has success on his hands, but just like most Filipino immigrants, Tom Alvarado started with a humble beginning. He left his home country to try different jobs to provide for his family. Only with hope and passion, he turned his life around; he created art that will lead him to success and a platform (Tom Alvarado Obra) to empower other aspiring Filipino artists.

The Singing Painter in the Gulf 

Why is he called a Singing Painter? He serenades his audience as he paints.

The first time he did, it led him to fame in the UAE. It was during the 2012 Philippine Independence Day celebration in Dubai. While singing “Bulag, Pipi at Bingi” by Freddie Aguilar, he poured down his emotions and nationalism through his brushstrokes, thinking about his home country. He painted a woman, symbolizing Inang Bayan.

Inspired by the bloodlines in his family and his love for the country, he has created nationalistic stories within murals, portraits, surreal art, and abstracts. Filipino stories are always part of his art—his identity as an artist. His distinctive Filipino way of creating art through paint and melody will feel the true essence of his art—embracing who you are as Filipino and being proud of it.

Being a Filipino and an Artist 

That’s what makes Tom Alvarado different from others. He knows there is the power of embracing who you are as a person and as an artist. He knows individuality is one’s greatest power. No one is like you; no one can be you. By living with this philosophy, he found his voice as an artist that sets him apart from other artists.

From being a Filipino to every part of you, embracing all of it will lead you to success.

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