The Difference Between Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Gender equality and women empowerment are two different concepts, yet stand as the same as a global issue. Both deal with fundamental human rights, human potential, social transformation, and development. These two concepts aim for peaceful societies and restoring balance in terms of political and economic power. Unfortunately, centuries after the fight of the suffragettes, gender equality and women empowerment have still a long way to go to achieve. Equal rights are still not implemented in different societies—in terms of education, marital conditions, voting rights, economic issues. Until now, even after surpassing archaic beliefs, women empowerment is still seen as a threat, hence denied to most women. And this results in gender inequality that perpetuates unjust dominance and marginalization genders.

Women empowerment as a solution

Women empowerment is one way of dissolving inequality. It is a powerful force, beneficial not only to women. It has been proven that empowering women results in social transformation and economic growth. It balances the equilibrium of power in societies. The advancement of women reaffirms freedom—regardless of race, color, gender, sex, religion, status, or birth.

Women empowerment should be practiced as a solution to dissolve inequality. As we empower more women, inequality loses its harmful influence. If more women are educated, gender-based stereotypes will eventually be diminished. If women are given more platforms to voice their opinions and exercise political power, there will be more laws and policies that give more equal opportunities. Social norms and practices will be redefined.

Gender equality is the utopia

Empowering women is only a stepping stone to achieve a society that is not afraid of gender equality. It is the first step to achieve the utopia that we all want and deserve.

Imagine a society where women are encouraged to speak up and make a difference, and not ridiculed for their own rights. Imagine a world where there are more women leaders, creating better lives for both men and women, implementing equality in all gender. Imagine marginalized communities with girls who have access to education and will become successful women who will perpetuate equality.

It will be a long way, but take a moment and envision that. If we continue to empower women now with small and great ways, gender equality will be our future.


All genders desire for a future that is safe and secured. We all want to go outside and walk on the street every day without worries and fear. We all want a future that is empowering and nurturing. At the end of the day, we all want peace.

Gender equality promotes peace. And to achieve it, we must learn how to practice empowering those who need it. It is an everyday commitment, yet it does not ask too much of us. We only need to practice and build it.