This Is How We Should Love Our Body

What makes us love our body, and how do we know when we're genuinely in love with it?

As women, we have this love-hate relationship with our mirror. From childhood to adulthood, we see our reflection everywhere - in a small room, car tinted windows, and in the eyes of other people. We tend to compare ourselves to others like celebrities, models, and beauty queens. Little did we understand and believe then that what we see in the media is not the reality.

Take these steps to learn how to love your body.

  1. Remember that you’re FLAWSOME 

For years, the media focused and magnified the  social notion that being petite was comparable to perfection and should be achieved at all costs.Anything beyond a size zero wasn’t considered "appealing" or "acceptable" in the societal structure.

However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift in body positivity and recognizing that all bodies are beautiful; that perfection is a myth; and every part of you makes you who you are. Your flaws make you awesome. Don’t let society dictate what is an acceptable body.

  1. Remember that all bodies are ACCEPTABLE

Nobody is perfect and no body is perfect. It's unrealistic to believe there is a singular “perfect” body type. We are all beautiful. Learn to embrace your flaws, beauty, and what makes you stand out. It is unethical to criticize, degrade, and insult someone because of their physical appearance. Physical appearances have nothing to do with our values and the purity of our hearts.

  1. Filter your social media accounts

You’re free to unfollow, unfriend, or even block people who make you feel insecure about your body. Follow influencers, celebrities, and people who make you feel good – who will make you feel empowered and  inspire you to embrace your flaws. You have the power to control and clean out the negativity from your Following list. Do it and help yourself!

  1. Listen to your body

We must pay attention to our bodies' needs and listen to them. Listening to your body means that when you feel something out of the norm, you take it as an indication that something is wrong. Your body understands what it takes to be comfortable, healthy, and beautiful. Your body is talking, are you listening?

  1. Have a mantra say it LOUDER and REPEAT IT EVERYDAY

“I am worth more than my appearance. I am enough. I am grateful for everything my body allows me to do. The woman in front of the mirror is a goddess. I control what I think of myself. I will respect my body. I will embrace my body. With all my imperfections, I am beautiful. My body is my home.”

Smile at your reflection in the mirror. Remind yourself that your body is only a shell and that your character is not dictated by your body shape and type. Give it your devoted love and attention, not in the context that you're always striving to improve, but in the sense that you're always looking for ways to enjoy where you are  and aim  for deeper self-love.