Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Everyone copes with stress and anxiety differently. Some coping mechanisms are more effective than others and it depends on the person and their circumstances. What might work for one may not be a fit for you, so it's best to experiment. However, if something stops working and doesn’t serve you anymore, don't be afraid to try something else.

So here are some healthy coping mechanisms that may work for you:

  • Find a sense of peace and comfort through the five senses
    • Auditory: Listening to music
    • Touch: Massaging your hand
    • Sight: Looking at nature
    • Touch: Taking a warm bath
    • Taste: Eating your comfort food

    Practice focusing on the sense in use and your feelings surrounding the experience. This will help you find your center and realign to the present.

  • Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings
    • Do a self-assessment and check ins
    • Practice writing in your journal+
    • Enlist the help of a professional through therapy or coaches

    Creating time and space to exercise mindfulness can also help you overcome stress and anxiety. Going through your thoughts and feelings will help you understand better where you’re at and what the next steps are.

  • Open yourself to new and simple ways to relax your mind
    • Try breathing exercises
    • Practice yoga, even at home
    • Go on daily walks to increase your movements
    • Exercise meditation

    Trying something new can be intimidating, but it can bring you a lot of happiness if you give it a chance. Remember, failing at something doesn’t make you a failure. It is a stepping stone towards succeeding.

    Many people think of coping mechanisms as these picture-perfect behavior changes that immediately erase a negative mindset. That’s simply untrue!

    What works for you depends on how well you know yourself, how your body and mind respond to different stimuli, what life events happened to you in the past, and so much more. The key is to understand how you respond to stressors and what helps you cope with them the best way possible in a way that doesn’t make you miss out on valuable life experiences.