Top 10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

The most empowered women we know are our moms. They are women who embody what women empowerment is all about—nurturing, supportive, and unconditionally doing everything for us.

Ask anyone who is the most empowered woman they know and they will always include their mothers. They are women that always need to be celebrated and be proud of. They are women who know the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

So this coming Mother’s Day, we want you to celebrate your mom and women empowerment. Make her feel appreciated and loved with these gift ideas:

  1.       Letter

There’s no heartwarming gift you can give than a letter. It’s personalized and honest. This Mother’s Day, write a letter to your mom like how you used to do it when you are young with random doodles and colors. But this time, say how she taught you to be empowered and formed you to be the person you are today.

  1.       Book

Buy her a book about empowered women and write a dedication for her. Books are always a great gift idea for any occasion. Write a personalized message to express your appreciation and love for your mom!

  1.       A flower basket

Flowers are symbols of love. If you are someone whose love language is not through words, use flowers to show your love for her this Mother’s Day. Instead of going for a bouquet, go creative with a basket. It would be immensely better if you create it on your own.

  1.       Birthstone necklace

If you want a fancy gift for one of the most empowered women you know, go for jewelry. A birthstone necklace can do the trick. Make sure you send it with a short and touching message.

  1.       House Plant

Buy her a pretty house plant and let her be reminded of your presence even if you’re not living with her anymore. It’s a good gift idea to bring out her nurturing nature—taking care of the plant gifted by you.


  1.       Gabriela Silang Women Empowerment Watch

A watch is a sentimental gift. It tells the receiver how you appreciate her time and presence, or how you will give her your time. And Kayako’s limited-edition Gabriela Silang women empowerment watch says more than that. It’s a reminder for your mom the reason why you are empowered, why she is an empowering woman, who is living and perpetuating women empowerment.

  1.       A gift box

Give her a personalized gift box with her favorite things. Buy a big box and fill it with things she is fond of, from necessities to leisure items she’s been wishing to get. Surely, she will appreciate it and feel special.

  1.       Customized family portrait

Put a smile on her face and give her a customized family portrait. Hire an illustrator to redesign an old family picture. Remind her of good old days!

  1.       A lightweight shawl

A shawl says “I am with you even when we are apart.” It’s a thoughtful gift that assures her of your presence and love. Send it as a Mother’s Day gift with a touching message to express your love.

  1.   Fruit bouquet

If your mom loves food, this is the perfect gift for her. Find a supplier that can arrange a bouquet made of fruits. The moment she receives, she will surely have a smile on her face.