Where Are They: Top Countries Where Overseas Filipino Workers Go

Employment is one of the main reasons why Filipino workers migrate. Because of promising opportunities from other countries, Overseas Filipino Workers seek jobs and settlements in these countries. In exchange for their professional expertise, hard work, and diaspora, Filipino workers have the opportunity to earn a high salary and great benefits that their country can’t - or sometimes won’t - compete with.

With the established history of OFWs, some countries have proven their foreign relationship, giving Filipinos a chance for a better life. From high salary pay to citizenship opportunities, these are the top countries where Overseas Filipino Workers go:

  1.   United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates is a promising nation full of job opportunities especially for Overseas Filipino Workers. With a rich economy, it provides expats better pay and attractive benefit plans. They have job offerings in different industries: architecture, retail, marketing, medical, construction, technology and among others. And it has become home for most Filipino workers, with nearly 700,000 in population.

  1.   Singapore

Singapore has a good business and travel reputation. With an appealing urban landscape and its solid economic standing, Singapore is a leisure and business hub. According to a study by HSBC, it’s one of the leading countries for expats. Aside from easier work opportunities and close proximity, Singapore’s less complicated visa process for Filipino workers makes it even more appealing to Overseas Filipino Workers.

  1.   Australia

With a mix of highly urbanized cities and chill beaches, Australia is a well-known travel destination for its laid-back culture. Because of it, most OFWs can easily adapt to it, making it instantly their second home. Australia is also known for its trade policies that are beneficial for Overseas Filipino Workers and other foreign expats, making it diverse in population.

  1.   Saudi Arabia

The most well-known OFW destination in the world is Saudi Arabia. Based on the Philippine Statistics Authority’s data, 96.2% of OFWs contracts in 2018 were hosted in Saudi Arabia. Despite unpleasant OFW reports in Saudi Arabia, most Filipino workers continue to work in this country because of the high employment rate, high salary, and low cost of living.

  1.   United Kingdom

Rich in history and economy, the United Kingdom has a well-established system that makes it full of opportunities for Overseas Filipino Workers. Even with tight immigration policies, the United Kingdom offers incredible opportunities such as citizenship, family migration, education, and health care. Because of this, it has become a top destination for Filipino workers, with an estimated 200,000 Overseas Filipino Workers.

  1.   New Zealand

With breathtaking reserves and picturesque landscapes, New Zealand tops the list as one of the best places to live in. Named as one of the safest countries in the world, it is also high on the HSBC Expat Explorer report, with 77% of expats saying it promotes better quality life. Additionally, an OFW would choose New Zealand because of how it celebrates gender equality and the opportunities of higher pay. It also grants citizenship for a Filipino with equipped professional expertise and education.