Why Women Empowerment is a Work of Allyship

Women's empowerment as a movement exists because of a history of women being marginalized and discriminated against. Women know the feeling of being an outsider and being deprived of their rights. It comes from a place of empathy, a place to be an ally to those who are deprived of the same rights.

Women Empowerment as a Work of Allyship

In the past weeks, we saw how the world, unfortunately, remained the same. Even with a progressive world of technology and advancement, there are still things that never changed. Racism still exists. Sexism still exists. And hatred still fuels everything.

During a global pandemic crisis, the world crumbled even more after the death of George Floyd reached the headlines. The Black Lives Matter movement was reborn and the whole world joined the protest against police brutality and racially motivated violence such as what happened with Floyd and many others. And even after the global protest, brutality and racism still continue.

This is exactly why women empowerment should be a work of allyship, why you need to be an ally as an empowered woman.

As a woman, you know the feeling of being born on the margins, being deprived of the simple things simply because you are a woman. For a moment, think about it: place your shoes on someone who is judged simply because of the color of her skin, who is not white. Some women die for being a woman; some die because of the color of their skin.

Why is women empowerment a work of allyship?

  • It gives people hope.

When we empower someone, it fuels their hope. It shows kindness. It shows inclusiveness. It shows empathy. Women empowerment brings more empowered women as allies who can help to reach a world with more inclusivity, a world that is more hopeful and kind.

  • It’s about taking a stand.

If you are for women empowerment and you are involved, you are taking a stand against what’s wrong and inhumane. By taking a stand, you’re breaking a cycle of hate and helping those marginalized to live a life that is safe and empowering.

  • It educates people.

You are an ally when you educate people. More than a political standpoint, you’re teaching people to be kind. You’re educating them of what’s inherently bad and wrong, of what is hate and what is love. By speaking up and teaching people around you, you’re perpetuating goodness—an antidote to hate that breathes all these injustices.

Your Guide to Being An Ally and An Empowered Woman

To create a world that’s safe and full of bliss, you should pursue to be one of those empowered women who are allies, who give meaning to why women empowerment should matter, and why inclusivity should be the path.

To be such, here are some do’s of being an ally and an empowered woman:

  • Do help women of color in all things you can.
  • Do stand up against discrimination.
  • Do support businesses owned by women of color.
  • Do call out someone who speaks a language of discrimination, sexism, and racism.
  • Do continue to educate yourself. Always aim to be informed and learn to be compassionate.

Here’s to be being an ally and being an empowered woman.