Product Description


With our advocacy rooted in our brand and core values, the Malakas watch is designed with elements not only to commemorate and symbolize the often-forgotten mythological legend of Amihan but also to recognize and empower Filipinos for their strength, courage, and resilience.

There are not many stories about Malakas. However, we believe that every Filipino has a story of empowerment—that each one of us are Malakas in our unique way.

Malakas Watch Elements

  • Color Accents – The blue, red, white, and yellow accents are symbolic of the Philippine flag colors.
  • Sun – as seen on the Philippine flag
  • Eagle (case back) – represents Amihan, a genderless bird foretold in Philippine mythology and folklore, the inspiration behind the collection
  • Alibata engraving – spells out "Malakas" in the traditional script of the Philippines
  • Okir style – traditional Filipino artistic style